Sew Beastly is (literally) blooming, y'all!

Sew Beastly Blooms

I'm a true believer of small, consistent actions making a big difference.  This is especially true when we're talking about being eco-conscious.  I'll probably sound like a broken record, (especially if you are a long time reader), but I'm truly passionate and committed about being eco-conscious; not only in my personal life, but my business as well.

I've always said it: no matter how small, every little bit we do to help Mother Earth helps.  It's no secret that Sew Beastly focuses on sustainability by using as many salvaged, repurposed, and/or organic materials for it's items, but I like to take it a step further by making sure the packaging used for all my items matches the sustainability of the products themselves.

New Blooming Sew Beastly Packaging

Sew Beastly has slowly (but truly) transitioned into a "greener" brand in the almost three (whoa! three) years of it's humble life.  It started with the salvaging of fabric bolts, the repurposing of leather, choosing organic fabrics instead of regular fabric, the arrival of the Scrap Me Pretty Collection, switching to a middle layer made from recycled plastic bottles, making our packaging more eco-friendly, and I'm so happy to inform you that the new addition to our packaging literally blooms!!

Plantable Paper Bio Cards - Sew Beastly

This new packaging addition has been in the works a while now.  I learned about plantable paper about a year ago, and I immediately knew that I had to incorporate it into Sew Beastly's packaging/branding.  What better addition to my eco-conscious brand than plantable paper?  Now, how to incorporate it into Sew Beastly?  This is when the wheels started turning, and I knew that switching the bio-cards from recycled paper into plantable paper was a match made in heaven!  I mean, who doesn't like wildflowers?  I'm pretty sure my rad customers love wildflowers! ;]

Plantable Paper Bio Cards - Sew Beastly

I researched the plantable paper field, and I decided to go with what I preach: go with small businesses, buy made in the USA, go local...so I'm proud to say that the plantable paper used in the new bio-cards is made in the USA, that the printer used to print the cards is a local printer, and both are small businesses...can I get a high five?

So there you have it, a new eco-friendly addition to the already eco-conscious Sew Beastly packaging!
So here's the break down on the packaging you receive with your order:

New Eco-Friendly Packaging - Sew Beastly

- The tissue paper is made in the USA from recycled paper paper, and it is hand-stamped by yours truly.
- The plastic bag used for all small items is made from recycled products and can be recycled.
- The bubble mailers used can be easily reused, are made in the USA, can be recycled, and will degrade in 5-60 months.
- Our business cards are made & printed in the USA, they are made from recycled paper products which include pre or post consumer resources that can be recycled, and they are also printed with soy based inks.
- The new bio-cards are handmade in the USA, from 100% post industrial waste and are embedded with wildflower seeds that can grow and bloom when planted!  They are also locally printed here, in Texas!

Many people would not think that a "detail" like packaging should be given much attention, but I'm a detail oriented gal, and I'd like to think that it's all in the details.  It's the details that make the brand...am I right?
Hope you love the way Sew Beastly will make your garden bloom as much as I do!!  It truly makes my Earth loving heart happy!!

Sew Beastly Blooms