Tax Day Flash Sale

Ah, tax day... today you're either kicking your feet up & breathing a bit easier, or you are scrambling to get all your paperwork and checks in the mail.... I sure hope you're part of the first scenario.

I'm not only celebrating the fact that everything tax-wise is taken care of over here, but most importantly: being able to pay taxes!  This is all thanks to you!  Thank you, thank you very much! (in my best Elvis Presley voice ;] )

Well, I thought I should extend this celebration your way, are you ready?
Today, and today only:  Go to the shoppe, purchase two items, and the item of lesser value will be a freebie!  Yes, you read right!  Buy one item, get the second item (of equal or lesser value) free!  There's no coupon code to enter, everything will be automatically taken care of at checkout.
Tax Day Flash Sale / Buy 1 Get 1 Free - Sew Beastly

So, let's say you've had your eye on that set of the pewter leather clutch + the pewter leather mini-pouch.  Well you can get both of those today for only $50.00 + shipping, instead of the $81.00 + shipping you would regularly pay.  Pretty rad, huh?

This flash sale applies to the whole shoppe, and it expires on 4/15/14 at midnight (cst).  Needless to say, this sale only comes around only once a year.

See y'all at the shoppe!  :)

P.S.  Tune in later this week for some exciting news!