DIY: Egg Cartons Into Bowls & Cups

It's no surprise, by now, that I like to look at my "trash" and completely re-imagine it.  I like to daydream of what else it can become once I put some thought into it, and sometimes I "collect" waste for longer than desired in hopes of coming up with that perfect way of repurposing it, I'm not alone, right?
DIY/Tutorial - Egg cartons into paper bowls and cups - Sew Beastly

Here's my latest re-purposing project: Egg cartons into bowls/cups.  These egg cartons sat on top of the microwave for longer that I care to admit, and I finally found a great way of repurposing them.  It's so simple, and I have a feeling you're going to want to give it a try.

Paper Bowls/Cups: Materials - Sew Beastly

-Egg cartons
-Foam brush
-Bowls and/or cups to use as molds (not pictured)
-Water (not pictured)
-Blender (not pictured)

Step 1
- Break up the egg cartons into small pieces.
Paper Bowls/Cups: Broken Up Cartons - SewBeastly

Step 2
- Put the egg carton pieces in blender pitcher, add water and blend.  Add as much water necessary for all cardboard pieces to get broken up.  Any excess water can always be squeezed out.
Paper Bowls/Cups: Step 2 - Sew Beastly

Step 3
- Put water/cardboard mixture in a colander to drain excess water out.  Use your hands to squeeze the water out until your mixture looks something like the photo below.  You will know your mixture is the right consistency once you make a ball with your hand and it doesn't crack or break up.
Paper Bowls/Cups: Step 3 - Sew Beastly

Step 4
- Pick out which bowls/cups you want to use as molds.  Grab some of your cardboard mixture and use it to line the inside of your molds as pictured below.
Paper Bowls/Cups: Step 4 - Sew Beastly

Step 5
- Set your molds out to dry.  Mine took a couple of days to dry since I made my bowls/cups anywhere from 3/8 to half an inch in thickness. The new bowls and cups will slide right out.
Paper Bowls/Cups: Step 5 - Sew Beastly

Step 6
- Grab your paint and start decorating your bowls/cups. I picked three paints: black, gold, and white.
Paper Bowls/Cups: Step 6 - Sew Beastly

Step 7
Let them dry, and you got yourself some pretty rad and unique receptacles for anything you need contained.
The designs painted on the bowls/cups were pretty random, but there was one common design element in all: the golden edges.

Paper Bowls/Cups DIY: Large Bowl - Sew Beastly

Paper Bowls/Cups DIY: Large Cup - Sew Beastly

Paper Bowls/Cups DIY: Small Bowl - Sew Beastly

Paper Bowls/Cups DIY: Small Cup - Sew Beastly

DIY: Egg cartons into Bowls/Cups - Sew Beastly

Pretty easy and fun, huh?  Do you think you'll be repurposing your egg cartons now?